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ORT Analyzer is used to determine the dependencies of projects in the analyzed repository. Analyzer also retrieves and stores metadata about the dependencies.

The target of the ORT pipeline is a repository containing the source code of the projects to analyze. ORT supports and can detect dependencies managed by multiple package managers.

Run analysis with the command:

ort --info --force-overwrite analyze -i repo -o analyzer

or with Docker:

docker run -v $PWD:/project -v ~/.ort:/root/.ort --rm --env-file ~/.ort/config/.env \
   doubleopen/ort:latest --info --force-overwrite \
   analyze \
   -i /project/repo \
   -o /project/analyzer

The Analyzer outputs the result in analyzer/analyzer-result.yml, which can then be used as an input for the Scanner.


Labels can be used to toggle evaluator rules based on product needs. The labels are toggled by using them as an input for Analyzer with for example --label nuclear=yes. Below are the labels supported by Double Open's Evaluator rules.


Some licenses forbid usage of the software in nuclear facilities. set label nuclear to yes to create violations for these licenses.