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ORT uses text based configuration files to configure different aspects of the tool. We'll go over the different ways to configure the tooling below.


  1. Clone ORT configuration repository to ~/.ort/config for ORT to automatically find the configuration files.
  2. Optional: configure scanner storage on Postgres or Artifactory by setting the details and credentials in .env file.
  3. Clone the target repository to $PWD/repo. The results of the pipeline will be placed next to that directory, eg. in $PWD/reporter.

Configuration options

Scanner storage

ORT stores scanner results, so each run of the pipeline doesn't need to scan all dependencies again. The details and credentials for the storages are configured in the .env file. Without configuring either Postgres or Artifactory there, local file based storage is used, which is not persisted between Docker runs.

License classification

A license classification is needed for the ORT Evaluator to evaluate the project's compliance against a license policy. We publish our license classification on our Policy Configuration repo.

If you want to use our license classification with your ORT configuration repository, we recommend cloning the Policy Configuration repo and linking the license-classifications.yml from the Policy Configuration to your ORT configuration directory when running ORT so ORT can automatically find the correct license classification.